Poland and ease of business within the European Union


Poland and ease of business within the European Union

Poland and ease of business within the European Union

Poland and ease of business within the European Union

Poland offers one of the best business environments within the European Union for a limited company active income

Businesses grow when you make timely decisions based on deep market insights. You either need to be a corporate geek to achieve that or rely on the consultations from your business and tax advisors.  We provide business support services to companies for establishing and operating in the best corporate locations in the EU and beyond.

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As mentioned earlier, we advise investors where and when to invest with the help of our expert opinion. Right now, Poland has become an attractive “Go-Land” for the investors as it is among the best investment destination in Europe when it comes to ease of doing business. Poland is one of the largest economies in the EU which has retained economic stability throughout the financial crisis.

The investors look towards Poland for investment because of the advantages they enjoy. The Polish government provides government aid for the special foreign investors who invest in research and development, renewable energy, training, environment protection, and logistics, including other sectors.

There are also some Special Economic zones in Poland where tax exemptions are granted to the companies. Poland ranks 40th among the 190 global economies in the ease of doing business.

Furthermore, Poland reduced the corporate income tax rate for corporate entities having revenue less than EUR 1.2M or its equal amount when converted to the PLN to 9%, which is one of the lowest in the European Union.

The amount is calculated by converting EUR 1.2M into the PLN at the exchange rate on the 1st working day of October of the given tax year. The resultant amount needs to be rounded up to the near 1,000 PLN.

This tax provision allows investors to invest in the number of sectors in Poland to enjoy one of the best CIT rates in the entire European Union. However, it is pertinent to mention that the reduced tax rate does not apply to the income sources from capital gains.

The revenue, which is exempt from this tax relief, is a wide range of incomes received from capital gains. 

The revenues from the capital gains include income form the dividends, interest on the participatory loans, income from the redemption of shares, income from non-cash contributions to the entity other than a company, revenue from the divestment of shares, revenue from the surrender of all rights and liabilities in the partnership, revenue from property rights (such as industrial property rights, copyrights, license, know-how, etc.), revenue received from securities and other derivatives of financial instruments, revenue from the disposal of receivables, and the revenue from contribution in investment funds.

There are some other circumstances where you will not benefit from this lower tax rate. A tax-efficient corporation like LTC Business Services will keep you informed about these circumstances so that you can make decisions considering all the consequences.

The taxpayers will not be able to enjoy these benefits as a result of division, merger, or transformation of a company to another. The transformation of a non-legal partnership or an entrepreneur into a company won’t benefit from the reduced rate.

Nevertheless, there are a number of sectors that will benefit from this reduced rate.Consulting, Information technology, the food and hospitality sector, electronics, automotive, research, and development sector will surely benefit.

Poland is a land of opportunities and has been continuously progressing since the end of the communist era. Besides reduced tax rates, Poland also offers a well-educated, abled, and low-cost labor market. The Polish workforce is one of the most important factors behind the opening of the new Amazon logistic centers in Poland.

If you want to benefit form 9% CIT opening, an Sp. z o.o. with LTCBS is the best option for you.

Here’s Where We Come In

With LTC Business Services, you will take a step beyond only knowing about the merits of investing in Poland. We are your one-stop shop for the next step. We specialize in offshore locations and strategic, tailor-made operations. We are your full-service partner to support you at any stage of your business—from starting up to wealth and crises management.

We not only assist with company formations—we also offer all kinds of business and outsourcing support. With our services, we can combine the Polish Sp. z o.o.  with a bank account in a reputable jurisdiction like Switzerland, ensuring for you the maximum of security. We can do the company formation and (in most cases) the bank account opening fully remotely.

For your business foray into Poland, we can also help you with:

  • Address and Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Management and Operations staff Recruitment
  • Fiduciary and Asset management services
  • Accounting, HR & Payroll
  • Tax and Legal Advisory
  • Supervisory Board Representation
  • Outsourcing
  • Full-service eCommerce solutions
  • Translations
  • Document legalization
  • Acquisition of residency

Feel free to contact us and you will get much more than mentioned. We are your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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