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Company Ownership

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What should be the share capital of the company in PLN?

The minimum share capital for a Polish limited liability company is PLN 5.000

Who will be the Owner of the Company? *

Please note that in Poland single owners of a Polish Sp.zo.o are obligated to pay mandatory social security contributions in Poland. You can resolve this issue by simply having more than one shareholder.

Name(s) of Shareholder(s) *

The name of the shareholder will appear in the corporate documents and in the Registrar of Companies (KRS)

Company Management

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Who will become the Director of the New Company? *

Please note: According to the Polish Company Code, only one person can be the President of the Company. All other members forming the Management Board could have the title of Vice President.

Registered Office and Address

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Do you require a Seat (address) for the Company? *

Registration Procedure

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Banking Services

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Do you require support opening a bank account? *

Nowadays, opening a bank account in Poland as a foreign director has its fair share of challenges. Since we have strong connections and professional relationships with all local and major banks in Poland, we can assist you in the process.

Accounting and HR Services

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Do you require accounting services? *

Additional Services

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Mandatory for the management board and shareholders of a Polish company

Mandatory for the management board of a Polish company


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