Why Poland is One of the Most Attractive Investment Locations in Europe


Why Poland is One of the Most Attractive Investment Locations in Europe

Why Poland is One of the Most Attractive Investment Locations in Europe

Poland has always been an attractive investment location in Europe for foreign investors and for the last couple of decades Poland’s exorbitant success to attract foreign investments is clearly evident from the thousands of companies that have settled here and have made sustainable investments in the country’s economy. Now, there are a few specific reasons as to why Poland ranks so highly among top European countries when it comes to safe haven and safe harbor for investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs. From strategic location and political stability to lucrative tax policies and straightforward immigration laws – Poland offers a wide variety of long-term benefits for businesses of all types and forms. In this article, let us look at a few of those reasons which make Poland attract investors from all over the world –
  • Business-Friendly Environment
First and foremost, Poland is one of the largest economies in Europe that has come out with flying colors from the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic with a positive outlook than most other countries in the world. This is simply because of a stable and proactive government, business-oriented policies, government-sponsored financial programs, a strong and diverse domestic market, robust infrastructure, and less complicated paperwork or red tape policies. If the GDP growth of Poland is looked at, except for a predicted dip due to Covid-19, the graph has always been on an ascending curve, which is a very rare and extraordinary feat for any country to achieve, especially in modern times. 
  • Strategic Location
Location-wise, Poland could not have been better placed than being in the heart of Europe. So, for companies who operate in the export-import industry, this country is ideal for business operations right from the East up to the West. Simply from a logistical standpoint, it can offer so many trade routes to a company that their business could scale new heights of success employing the logistics of the country. For example, Poland is a country with direct freight train routes to China. The Belt & Road Initiative runs across the entire length and breadth of the country, connecting the East to the West. In addition to this, Poland is also a part of the North Sea-Baltic Corridor and the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor projects which will connect the North of Europe to the South, making logistics feel like a breeze for businesses in Poland.
  • Lucrative Tax Policies
From the aspects of an exceptional location and a business-friendly environment, let us shift our focus to another factor that directly contributes to the high potential of investments in Poland – Attractive Tax Benefits. Businesses that earn a net revenue of less than 2 million Euros, are considered small businesses in Poland and therefore, they become eligible for paying a Corporate Income Tax (CIT) of only 9%, which is one of the lowest rates for active businesses in Europe. The normal CIT for other businesses in Poland is 19%, which is again on the lower side when compared to other European OECD countries where the average levy on Corporate Income Tax is 21.7%. The tax benefits do not just end here. Meeting a few factors, a business may even be entitled to receive a long-term tax break of 4 and half years if the profits from the business remain inside the company, where a minimum of three workers are employed, and the shares are held by individuals. Making CIT none of your worries for the next 4 and half years. If you want to receive all kinds of tax benefits that could come from the simplest of simple operations, you need an expert advisor on your side who has knowledge of the Polish tax system. Contact our Local Advisors to know more.
  • Straightforward Immigration Laws
Establishing a business in foreign lands requires a lot more than office space and logistical strategies. In order to make the business successful one would require skilful employees and workers to take care of the daily operations. Again, on this front comes assistance from the Government of Poland as it is one of the very few countries in Europe that have far less complicated and highly flexible Immigration Laws. For instance, compared to other countries of the European Union, it is relatively straightforward to obtain work permits for immigrant workers in Poland, who are coming from countries outside the European Union, only if you know how to use the local resources available at your disposal. For employees coming from countries like Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland offers even accelerated procedures. Additionally, the decision to open up Poland’s labor market to immigrant workers is remarkable in terms of attracting foreigners to the country.
  • Stable Economy
Poland is a country that has always shown positive GDP growth. The economy of the country has always been on an ascending curve, barring the crisis times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even after the devastating effect of the pandemic, it has to be said that the Polish economy is one of the very few in the world that has shot right up as a phoenix from the embers. This was the same case back in the recent recession of 2008-09. The credit for this decade-long stability sustained economic growth, and aversion to financial crisis falls squarely on the strong democratic government of Poland that is pro-economy and always pro-people.
  • Well-educated & Highly Skilled Workforce
Poland has one of the largest working populations among European countries with one of the lowest unemployment rates. This makes the country’s workforce not only hard working and dedicated but also highly educated and professional because there is constant yet healthy competition from the inside. This is another reason why the internal Polish market is so vibrant, dynamic, and financially stable. As a foreign investor and businessman, this workforce could be taken advantage of especially when the competition within is to surpass the borders and explore foreign opportunities (given the strategic and export-friendly location of Poland). This strong Polish workforce of highly skilled and educated workers are innovation-friendly as well and the signs of young entrepreneurs are pretty evident given the Government’s push for internationalizing small business and SMEs, making them adept for new fertile markets (concept of Market Entry). This again makes Poland an ideal destination for foreign investors as utilizing these highly talented and skilful workers will surely result in strong growth for their business ambitions. The Bottom Line… Now you know why Poland as a country is a strong business magnet for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses that want to grow across borders and cater to billions. With such extensive benefits, both in terms of economy and infrastructure, the country’s future looks bright in the global space as the number of investments coming from Europe and from outside Europe continues to grow.  If as an investor, businessman, or entrepreneur you want to take advantage of the robust Polish economy and policies, you need to contact the best LTC Business Services in Poland that can help your business ride the unparalleled growth of dominance across your preferred industry. With a team of experts on your side, you will be aware of all the business opportunities in Poland along with the smallest of the tax exemptions that can go a long way in making a business economically stable. So, contact us today for your business in Poland.

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